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How to Start Indian T-shirt export business in 2019?

10 October 2019


Did you know that the T-shirt export business in India is an easy and profitable way of income? You won’t believe if we tell you that India is one of the few countries that export T-shirts worth billions. Yes, we are not kidding. India export T-shirts worth 2.5 billion US dollar and in Indian rupees, it will be about 175 billion rupees and that’s huge. So you can see how popular the business is in India. You can also earn a lot of money by starting such a business.

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Best T-Shirt Exporter in India – TradeX Overseas

19 March, 2019

best t shirt exporter in india

Choosing a perfect T-shirt exporter in India is difficult. People search exporters on various sites like Indiamart, etc. but ends up in contacting with the fraud people. This is very annoying especially when you are new in the industry and want your first client. Selling products in different countries is never easy.

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How is Covid-19 Affecting the Indian Export Market?

03 May, 2020

export in corona

COVID-19 or the Coronavirus pandemic has been affecting the entire world since the start of 2020. While some countries were affected first, others soon followed suit. None seemed to be spared by this deadly virus for which there is yet no vaccine.

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